to use,
to lose.

Laptop Notebook and Tablet Holder

Portable Monitor
19° to 30°
Strong, light, and stable, the UP Stand is designed as a versatile holder for your laptops, tablets, chromebooks, and portable monitors. It makes your work at home, at school, at the office, or on the road much more comfortable. Six tilt angles provide a convenient placement of the devices that allows you to find the ideal position when typing, watching, or reading. The angled placement of the device also opens up its fans allowing for more airflow and better cooling. Both sides of the stand are equipped with the silicon rubber pads that ensure a secure grip with devices and surfaces. The stand is made out of a durable aluminum alloy, which makes it light and easy to carry. It is foldable and slim, so it fits any bag and backpack. UP Stand has no separate parts but is made as one piece for durability and ease of use.
Chromebook Stand that also works with Laptops, Tablets, Portable Monitors, Macbooks, and iPads.
Laptop Notebook and Tablet Holder
Collapse and slide it into your bag
No separate parts. Easy to use, nothing to lose
One-piece Stand
Made out of a rigid aluminum alloy
Solid & Light
Adjust the tilt angle to your comfort easily (19̊ to 30̊)
Six positions
For secure device holding and better surface grip
Silicon Rubber Pads
Allows laptops to cool better. Lifting the fans off the surface provides them with more room for intake or exhaust.
Open Airflow
Flip it over to switch from laptop to tablet or portable monitor stand
Versatile Holder
Dark Gray
Fits most of the laptops, Chromebooks, portable monitors, and tablets
Minimum diagonal: 7”
Maximum diagonal: 22”
Maximum weight: up to 11 lbs (5 kg)
235 x 215 x 4 mm
9.25 x 8.46 x 0.16 inches
Weight: 428 gr / ~1 lb