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Innovating in today’s world is easier than ever with turn-key solutions. Gone are the days when inventors had to create, produce, and distribute their own products while managing the front end of the business. Now, full-service product development agencies like LA NPDT can make creating
your own product a reality.

For those who is serious about their idea

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You Have the Idea, Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting
Do you have a great idea for a product, and you just need help bringing it to market?
You don’t have to invest in an entire manufacturing facility to produce it. At LA NPDT, we offer a full suite of product development services designed to make inventing new products as easy as possible for innovators.
For those who is serious about their idea
Our Why
From the first day of our team's inception, we made it a priority to treat every client's order as if it were our own. We value honest communication, fair pricing, and attention to detail and are dedicated to supporting our clients through every step of the product development process.
Our one-stop-shop product development experience ensures you stay on track to meet your goals, leaving nothing behind. When you work with us, you'll have the same point of contact from product inception to delivery.
We offer a simplified 10-step process to develop your product from start to finish

Our team can help flesh out ideas you haven't fully formulated

Transparent cost structure with no hidden fees

Flexible payment plans are available

US-based prototyping and manufacturing
What’s Unique About Us?
Developed over 600+ unique products

Inc. 5000 company

Entrepreneur 360 company

LED growth leader

NPDT certified experts on staff
Our Expertise
What You Get When You Work With Us
Here are just a few of the perks of working with LA NPDT:
Transform your idea into tangible product
For those who is serious about their idea
Work with the same person throughout your entire project
Run your idea by our experienced development team for initial guidance
Enjoy a full suite of services from product research to manufacturing and delivery
Expedite the time to market with prototyping and manufacturing available in the U.S.
Our Portfolio
Tadpole collaborated with LA NPDT to design and produce an innovative new tape cutter and then bring it to market as a prototype. We devised a method for overcoming the difficulties of cutting T-Rex Tape: a two-piece tape cutter featuring the Safe Flex Blade Technology.
T-Rex Tape Cutter for Tadpole Tape Cutter
This small business owner wanted help creating and distributing a unique home spa product on sites like eBay, Amazon, and Etsy. We served this customer throughout the design and development process to create marketing materials, manufacturing, and product distribution.
Excavator Attachments
We created the automated pizza cooking machine concept based on the client's unique vision,starting the development process once our customer acquired the necessary financing. We constructed, tested, and adjusted the system using our large-scale rapid prototyping experience until we attained the target operating efficiency.
BARS Automated Pizza Cooking Machine
The Up Dock Charging Station is a micro-USB charger that was born of a collaboration within our own agency. The design features three micro-USB ports, but only a single standard type-A cable that connects to the wall outlet. It's ideal for charging e-cigarettes, styluses, and other micro-USB devices.
Up Dock Charging Station
This small business owner wanted help creating and distributing a unique home spa product on sites like eBay, Amazon, and Etsy. We served this customer throughout the design and development process to create marketing materials, manufacturing, and product distribution.
Home Products
QikPedi Step Pedicure Stand
This client wanted a better solution for keeping dogs cool than what was currently on the market. Our product concept development team was able to deliver not just a working prototype, but also a marketable pet product that could be mass-produced.
Pet Products
Kool Jack Cooling Dog Vest
Bill Measures
Konstantin and team were, and are, incredibly responsive, tenacious and honest while providing world class design and superior customer service. Great team, great service, great results! Highly recommend it!
james McMaster
Great and easy to work with. They allow you to turn your vision and design into reality. My prototype came out great even after I pivoted one the design a few times during the process!
Brian Cooks
Working with this company is so amazing. Konstantin has been more than helpful. He’s very knowledgeable and accessible when needed. It’s great to be able to with with people who are just as excited about your product than you are! Thanks guys!
Product company
Great company to work with. Konstantin is very responsive and very very reliable. Super talented and hardworking people. Would definitely recommend it!
Services We Offer
We help clients realize their ideas from the earliest stages of market research all the way through to product design and development, manufacturing, and delivery. We're a full-service, turn-key solution that offers everything innovators need to bring their ideas to life under one roof.
For those who is serious about their idea
Mechanism & Electronics Mockups

Lab and Third-Party Testing

Research Modeling

Concept Sketching

Product Rendering

Ergonomics Modeling

Arduino Coding

Rapid Prototyping
Prototype & Testing
Establishing Cost Targets

Manufacturing Medical Devices

Qualifying Suppliers

Pilot Run Builds

Release Control

Design Figures

Quality Metrics Setup

Regulatory Guidance
Consumer Products (FMCG)

Pet Products

Medical Devices

Industrial Devices and Tools

Ag-Tech Devices

Infant and Child Products

Sporting Goods

Technical Soft Goods
Industries We Serve
Professional Product Photos & Videos

Website and Keyword Optimization

Product Packaging

Logo and Label Design

Appearance Prototypes

Influencer Marketing

Product Placement

UX Testing
Marketing & Product Placement
Market and competitive research and Competitor Research

SWOT Analysis
(Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats)

Prior Art Search

Products Features Formulations

Product Development Map Design
Concept Evaluation

Industrial Design

Mechanical Engineering

UX Design (User Experience)

Risk Assessment

Verification Testing
Design & Engineering
Component Specification

Electronics Design

Firmware and IoT Radio

Sensor Evaluation

App & Cloud SW

CCA Circuit Design
Electronics & Software
Turn Your Idea Into a Product Today
Are you ready to turn your great idea into a tangible product? LA NPDT can help today.
Our 10-step confidential product development process is flexible and affordable for innovators. We’ll help guide you through each stage of designing, prototyping, manufacturing, and distributing your new product.
About Us
LA NPDT was founded in 2014 when Konstantin Dolgan and Onega Ulanova, both from Kazakhstan and attending Louisiana Tech University, formed a student organization that later evolved into the company it is known as today. By utilizing their engineering education and business management experience, the couple transformed the student organization into a full-service product design and development company in 2016.
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